Vcr Remote Control VCRCO TV Price:$39.95 Sale Price:$29.95


Programming a VCR doesn't have to be complicated and time consuming

The VCR Co-Pilot is a product which makes programming video cassette recorders quick and easy. Confusing on-screen menus and button arrays have made traditional VCR programming the quintessential poster-child of poor interface design. The VCR Co-Pilot, instead, uses graphical slide switches and analog dials. The familiar metaphor of a clock face makes it intuitive and easy to learn.

The VCR Co-Pilot works with any VCR. It is simple enough that you can program your VCR in just seconds. Record a single show, or record a variety of shows each week. The VCR Co-Pilot makes it easy for those who have difficulty programming their VCR (and who doesn't)?

Recently the VCR Co-Pilot earned an IDEA Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine.

Without user-friendly design, great inventions fall short of their potential. The VCR Co-Pilot shows how design truly can humanize technology. As a result, the once daunting task of programming VCRs is now effortless.
VCR Co-Pilot earned an IDEA Award


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Vcr Remote Control  VCRCO
TV Price:$39.95 Sale Price:$29.95

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